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Optimum G2.3 Platinum Blender, New Tech: Induction Motor, Quietest High Speed Blender


RRP: €649.00


  • 2-litre jug: Specifically designed for large quantities and wet and dry applications.
  • 1-litre rotating jug: Single serve blending jug specifically designed to rotate and achieve the thickest of blends.
  • Spatula: Specifically designed spatula to remove the thickest of ingredients from under the blades.
  • Control panel : Elegantly simple LED touch screen panel featuring:
  • automatic, one-push button programs, all of which are set to the exact parameters you require
  • Precise, fine-tuned manual functionality allowing you to manually control
  • Wet and dry multi-purpose 6-blade stainless steel assembly
  • Heavy duty tamper tool for improved processing and mixing
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Access to expert support team
  • Comprehensive hard-copy recipe book
    Optimum G2.3 Platinum Series   Vitamix Pro Series 500
Motor:   Brushless   Brushed
Noise:   Low   High
Grade:   Domestic and commercial   Domestic
Blade:   6-blade assembly   4-blade assembly
Blade Quality:   Stainless steel blades   Stainless steel blades
Motor Peak Power :   1500W*   1492W
Jug Size:   2-litre blender jug
1-litre rotating jug
  2 litre
JUG MATERIAL:   Eastman Tritan
Copolyester BPA-free
  Eastman Tritan
Copolyester BPA-free
Jug Base/Coupling:   Metal   Metal
Digital Panel:   Yes   No
Programmed Cycles:   5 pre-programmed settings   3 pre-programmed settings
Weight:   5,5 Kgs   5kg
Warranty:   Life time motor warranty, 5 years parts   7-year warranty

*The G2.3 peak motor power is 1500W. Compared to a brushed
motor wattage output, we estimate the brushless maximum motor power,
to be equivalent to 1800W, as brushed motor efficiency fluctuates between 45-75%
depending on the load. While brushless motor efficiency
stays above 85-90% regardless of the load.

    Optimum G2.3 Platinum Series   Blendtec Designer 725
Motor:   Brushless   Brushed
Noise:   Low   High
Grade:   Domestic and Commercial   Domestic
Blade:   6-blade assembly   2-blade assembly
Blade Quality:   Stainless steel blades   Stainless steel blades
Motor Peak Power :   1500W*   1560W
Jug Size:   2-litre blender jug
1-litre rotating jug
  1.7 litre
JUG MATERIAL:   Eastman Tritan
Copolyester BPA-free
  Eastman Tritan
Copolyester BPA-free
Jug Base/Coupling:   Metal   Metal
Digital Panel:   Yes   Yes
Programmed Cycles:   5 pre-programmed settings   6 pre-programmed settings
Weight:   5,5 Kgs   4.85kg
Warranty:   Life time motor warranty, 5 years parts   8-years warranty

*The G2.3 peak motor power is 1500W. Compared to a brushed
motor wattage output, we estimate the brushless maximum motor power,
to be equivalent to 1800W, as brushed motor efficiency fluctuates between 45-75%
depending on the load. While brushless motor efficiency
stays above 85-90% regardless of the load.

JUG: Wet and dry multi-purpose jug, includes cap and lid heat-resistant Polycarbonate 2-litre jug Single serve 1-litre jug specifically designed to rotate and blend single serve qualities and the thickest of blends.
CLEANING: The innovative design makes cleaning your Optimum G2.3 - Platinum Series Induction blender easy – there is no need to remove the blades!
INCLUSIONS: Heavy duty tamper, 2-Litre jug, 1-Litre rotating jug, spatula and recipe book.
PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: 21 x 22 x 46 cm


Smoothie : Create nutritious fruit smoothies and juices in a matter of seconds with a smooth, delicious consistency. 

60 seconds

Sorbet : Create deliciously smooth healthy sorbet.

90 seconds

Vegetable and Fruit : Create nutritious fruit juices quick and easy
with a silky smooth consistency.

90 seconds

Soup : Create smooth and creamy nutrient-rich hot soups, hot chocolates, 
syrups and fondues.

6-8 minutes

Grind : Grind various grains, nuts and seeds with ease and simplicity.

35 seconds
  • Chris Mosler from 'Thinly Spread'

    Chris Mosler writes Thinly Spread a vegetarian and vegan food blog. Her recipes have been featured on Great British Chefs, Superfood magazine and Tesco Living magazine. Chris has also spoken at various conferences and events and writes for the Froothie Blog.

    Christine Baileyarrow
    Well, this is exciting! I can barely contain my excitement – I’m sharing my thoughts on the new Optimum G2.3 Platinum Series Blender. The brushless induction motor is much quieter than any high power blender I have used….. The extra 1 litre rotating jug in addition to the standard 2 litre jug is just what I have always wanted in a blender! The 2 litre jug with its 6 blade assembly is perfect for large quantities of soup, for smoothies and for making nut milk but I very often want to blend smaller quantities. The 1 litre rotating jug is fabulous when I’m making hummus, cashew cream and nut butter. No more teeth grinding for me when I have to keep stopping to push badly behaved chickpeas down into the blender! Both jugs are BPA free Read the full review...... Click Here.

  • Eb Gargano from ‘Easy Peasy Foodie’ :

    Eb Gargano is a mother of two who thinks recipes should be easy and uncomplicated. She creates simple recipes which she shares on her blog Easy Peasy Foodie. One of her recipes won the 2016 British Turkey Awards.

    Jac Meldrumarrow
    YIt is so incredibly easy to use!! You simply plug the Froothie Optimum G2.3, in, pop one of the two jugs on top, put your stuff inside, switch the machine on and press one of the presets…you have a choice of smoothie, sorbet, fruit & veg,  soup or grind. If one of these doesn’t suit your purposes there is a manual speed button and a plus 20 seconds button, so you can adjust things to your liking.
    One of the best things about the Froothie Optimum G2.3 is that it comes with a fab recipe book. So often you get a new appliance, but you are not quite sure what to use it for. But this is not the case here – the recipe book is full of inspiration – I was amazed at the number of things the Froothie Optimum G2.3 can do.
    Each time my Froothie Optimum G2.3 more than exceeded my expectations – I have been genuinely astonished at its capabilities. Read the full review......Click here.
  • Lorna Hall from Eat Myyy Thoughts :

    The first thing I noticed when unpacking the Optimum G2.3 was how stylish and professional it looks. Although how it looks isn’t as important as how well it works, if you’ve got this machine in your kitchen, people are going to know you mean business!
    Secondly, I was amazed at how powerful it is. Nuts are blitzed into a fine powder in seconds. It’s like a magician making something disappear in a puff of smoke. It is a seriously good piece of kit.
    I’ve used cheaper blenders in the past and the consistency of things can be very grainy. This is also important when it comes to making vegan desserts. Let me tell you, from experience, a grainy ‘cheesecake’ filling is not pleasant. If you’re making a vegan cheesecake filling, you need the consistency to be smoother than smooth, to mimic the cream cheese. And the smoothie function is perfect for that. Read the full review....... Click Here.
  • Georgina Young from Greens of the Stone Age

    Lorna Hall is a cardiac nurse (BMedSci MNurs RN MRCN) and former speech and language therapist, but has spent most of her life working with children and adults with autism. She also a ‘social media influencer’, developing recipes and reviewing products for brands she loves.

    You can use this bad boy for pretty much anything – I’ve used it as a food processor to make my awesome, energy balls, cookie dough, soups, dips, to grind nuts into nut flours, and of course nut milk. I’ve also used it to make smoothies, nice cream, and of course my beloved cup of Bulletproof Coffee.
    What I really loved about this Froothie blender was it’s simplicity and elegance on the worktop, and that there’s no need to click, twist, or turn the jug onto the base, which I don’t know about you, but it drives me insane! The jug simply sits in place (I think by use of a magnet but don’t quote me on this) and has a super easy pourable spout too so no mess afterward! It’s also relatively easy to clean and maintain unlike other food processors. To read more ......Click here.
  • Laura Close from Knead Whine:

    Laura Close is a mother who shares her simple family recipes at Knead Whine food blog. Her recipes are all vegetarian and easy to follow.

    The function that I was most interested in is the one that makes soup.  Less than eight minutes to make the soup that I take to work? Almost unbelievable.  It blends well, works incredibly fast and heats too.
     We are really keen on nut butters in this house. Again, it was quick work to use the machine to make cashew and maple butter and the smaller jug with rotating blades was really helpful with this - the blades help to push any unground nuts towards the bottom.  Really helpful. I am frankly astounded by how quickly the nuts were turned into paste.  It has so much power!   Read the full review..... Click Here.
  • Nadia Al-Khaffaf from Nadia’s Healthy Kitchen

    Nadia Al-Khaffaf is studying to be a nutritional therapist and loves to share healthy, wholesome food on her blog Nadia’s Healthy Kitchen.

    The two features that I was most excited about was the reduced noise (we all know how loud blenders can be!) and the smaller jug. The smaller jug is just AMAZING! Naturally the first thing I made was peanut butter and it was so easy! I had freshly made, smooth and silky peanut butter within a couple of minutes which is insane!. To read more ......Click here."

The Optimum Vortex Blender is the most versatile and durable appliance on the market. Made with the most robust parts and finest functions, the Optimum Vortex Blender is the essential kitchen appliance to make your life easier and healthier. It can blend, chop, process, mix and heat foods. The stainless steel blades can cut through just about anything, from almonds to cheese. Make whipped cream, almond butter and even ice cream with the ultimate kitchen appliance that makes preparing foods easy. The Optimum Vortex Blenders are the most fabulous and easy-to-use appliance for every day kitchen use.

Grind Coffee Beans


Whole Coffee Beans


Place coffee beans into jug

(Pulse for 30 – 60 seconds)



Whip Cream


1 – 2 Cups of cream.


Blend on high for approximately 10 seconds.Take care not to over blend.



Grate Cheese


1 – 2 Cups cubed cheese.


Pulse until cheese is grated.



Grind Grain into Flour


1 – 2 Cups of rice, oats or other grain.


Blend on high for 10 seconds



Wet Chop


1 – 2 Cups hard vegetables.

2 Cups water


Pulse twice and check consistency. Take care not to over blend.





1 Cup of Beetroot


Pulse 1 – 2 times



Hot Soup


1/2 Zucchini.
1/2 Red Capsicum.
2 – 3 Fresh tomatoes.
1/4 Cup Olive Oil.
Good pinch Salt and Pepper.
Cup of Water.


Blend on High for 4 Minutes.



Kneed Bread Dough


2 1/4 Cup Warm Water with the yeast added 5 minutes prior.
2 Tbsp Olive Oil.
2 1/2 Cups Flour.
1 Tsp Salt.


For best results add the water first.
Blend on High for 3 seconds then stop the blender and scrape down the sides with a spatula to incorporate the flour. Repeat these steps 4 or 5 times until dough is mixed.



Almond Milk


1 cup almonds.
4 cups water.


Blend on high for approximately 30 seconds. Pour mixture into nut milk bag over a bowl. Twist and squeeze bag for mixture to drain into the bowl. Store in a jug in the fridge for about 4 – 7 days.



Spinach and Tomato Omelet


3 eggs
2 – 3 tablespoons of water
1 tablespoon of butter
Salt and pepper to taste
½ a tomato
Two cubes of cheese
1/3 an onion


Blend eggs, water, butter, salt and pepper on high for 10 seconds. Then, add tomato, spinach, cheese, onion and pulse 3 – 4 times. Pour in pan to cook.



Mango Sorbet


½ cup lemon juice
Coconut nectar
2 peeled bananas
1 ½ cups of frozen mangos
Pinch of cayenne pepper


Blend on high for 20 – 30 seconds





3 ½ cups pineapple
1 cup of ice


Blend until smooth and creamy



Raspberry Ice Cream


Glass of milk
1 cup thickened cream
Cast of Sugar
Little vanilla paste
Bowl of frozen raspberries


Blend on high for 30 seconds



Lemonade Slushie


Glass of coconut water
Coconut nectar to taste
3 lemons
2 cups of ice


Blend on high 20 – 30 seconds



Nut Flours And Butters


1½ – 2 Cups of nuts
1-2 Tbsp natural oil


Continuously blend until smooth



Best Of All – Quick & Simple Clean Up!

Add warm water, a couple of drops of dish washing liquid and blend for 20 – 30 seconds. Rinse and you are done!



Latest Product Reviews

Customer reviews - From Customers For Customers:

Below Are All The Product Reviews That Have Been Collected By An Independant Company E-Komi (Google Certified) Who Sends An E-Mail To All Froothie Buyers Asking For Their Feedback After Their Purchase.

i have used it to make soup but find the temperature too tepid. can hot water be used initially in the blender.there are no warnings in the accompanying supplied instructions which could be much more comprehensive in this respect. also i was expecting a hard backed recipe book with the blender not the little paperback that was packaged.hence the 4 stars.
03/04/2017 17:38:11
* * * * *
I've used the blender almost daily to make various things like smoothies, pancake batter and pesto. I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a new blender
11/03/2017 10:16:32
* * * * *
Very happy with this blender. I bought it to replace an older Waring pro, and there really is no comparison. The G2.3 is able to blend green smoothies with Kale so that they are smooth and creamy. I also use it to make sauces and nut butters, and have tarted making quick soups too. So much more versatile and it's actually less noisy too, even though it's considerable more powerful.
08/03/2017 14:30:54
* * * * *
14/01/2017 13:18:39
* * * * *
It's great - it's about time someone put a brushless motor into a high-speed blender.
30/12/2016 16:03:20
* * * * *
Good looking, easy to use, makes life much easier and healthier.
26/12/2016 16:53:00
* * * * *
See previous comments, very happy.
15/12/2016 19:21:12
* * * * *
Smoothies - TICK!\nSoups - tick!\nGrind pulses - TICK!\n\nI am just beginning to explore what it can do and am really enjoying it.
12/12/2016 00:25:43
* * * * *
So far prepared soup & smoothie's. We have recommended blender to family & friends and found machine powerful and top of the range.
09/12/2016 09:08:30
* * * * *
I love my new blender which I use everyday for smoothies and soups so far . Have told all my friends about it The quality is great
08/12/2016 20:28:22
* * * * *
Unboxing Optimum G2.3 Platinum Series Induction Blender
30 Day Trial – Money Back Guarantee


* * * * * 4.90 stars
Free Delivery
Free delivery in Ireland except on orders for parts.

Industry's Most Comprehensive Warranty Includes Motor & Parts,
Labour, Expert Support

  • Introduction

    Optimum Appliances is proud to announce the next generation of blenders with the superior Platinum Series and the ultimate upscale blender, the Optimum G2.3 Platinum Series Induction Blender.

    The G2.3 will be one of the world’s first high-performance, game-changing blenders that features new induction motor technology combined with a mini, single-serve jug for small quantities.


    The brushes used in common blender motors wear over time due to friction. This means the motor’s lifespan is limited, regardless of the overall quality.

    By removing the brushes and using an electric field, the induction motor has increased the blender’s lifespan. Without friction from the brushes, the motor also has higher mechanical efficiency, increased torque and significantly reduced sound reduction. This essentially means the induction top-tier motor can last for decades.

  • Highlights OF THE OPTIMUM G2.3

    The G2.3 harbour the industry’s first induction motor technology. Some of the perks of the Optimum G2.3 include:

    • Decades of life expectancy leading to increased customer satisfaction
    • Exceptional noise reduction (75db compared to 88-100db)
    • Excellent energy efficiency, making it more eco-friendly
    • Higher performance capabilities
    • Advanced LED touch panel.
    • Modern design
    • An added compact mini-jug for convenience and small quantity blends
  • Our Promise

    The benefits of being a Froothie customer extend well after you order your Optimum G2.3 - Platinum Series Induction Blender. While your new blender offers simplicity at the touch of a button, there will always be more ways to utilize your superior kitchen appliance, Froothie offers ongoing guidance and support to get the most from your professional blender.

    That’s why Froothie guarantees a support team is available when you need them. The Froothie Support and Warranty System is available 24/7, allowing you to request assistance anytime of the day.

    Additionally, as a Froothie customer, you get a unique, 1-month trial period when you buy your Optimum G2.3 - Platinum Series blender. If you are not satisfied with your new blender for ANY reason, contact Froothie within the 30- day period. Froothie will fully refund your money without question; and even pay the return fee for the blender to be returned at no cost to you.

  • Summary

    We could keep singing the praises of the Optimum G2.3 - Platinum Series Induction Blender… However, there’s no better way to appreciate its flawless, upscale blend of form and function than to experience it operating in your own kitchen.

    It’s powerful enough to use in a busy juice bar, versatile enough for a high-end café and elegant enough to contribute to the classiest kitchen décor. In short, the Optimum G2.3 - Platinum Series Induction Blender is the perfect merger of style, sophistication and substance you’ve been searching for.