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Jan Bennett from 'Glug of Oil'
"This machine is just the best. It's time saving, money saving and delivers great results. This electric Pressure Cooker AND Slow Cooker is one super-duper amazing piece of kitchen kit.  With 16 set functions it really does make cooking pretty much fool proof. I’ve cooked a Vegetable Pasta dish in which there's no need to cook the pasta first!  How marvelous!  I've also cooked ... Chocolate Cake (yep there's a CAKE setting). The sponge cake was lovely and light.  Just mix together the ingredients (there's a recipe provided), pour directly into the cooking pot and select 'Cake' adjust the cooking time to 55 minutes, close the lid and cake happens. Read the full review..... Click Here."

Jan Bennet Lives in Shropshire and shares recipes and reviews from her tiny kitchen. She focuses on easy home-cooking and gadgets that make life much easier. Glug of Oil was named one of the top 100 food blogs in the UK.


Lorna Hall from 'Eat Myyy Thoughts'
"Not just for slow-cooking, this gadget can braise, steam, deep fry, bake, roast and simmer. You can make porridge in it. You can make pizza and pasta in it. You can even bake cakes in it. You’ll start to question whether you even really need an oven.
This is my #1 reason to get one of these machines. It cooks things more quickly and more evenly than in a conventional oven and it does the job of multiple appliances, meaning you don’t have to buy, or store, loads of different machines for different things.To read more ......Click here."

Lorna Hall is a cardiac nurse (BMedSci MNurs RN MRCN) and former speech and language therapist, but has spent most of her life working with children and adults with autism. She also a ‘social media influencer’, developing recipes and reviewing products for brands she loves.


Jac Meldrum
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Choclette Ammar from Tin and Thyme
"It’s an amazing piece of kit and functions as a slow cooker as well as a pressure cooker. It stews, steams, roasts, deep fries, braises, defrosts and much more. I’ve made porridge, yoghurt and rice as well as this veggie bean chilli. This quite astonishing multi cooker can also bake cakes.Read the full review..... Click Here."

Award-winning blogger Choclette Ammar shares recipes from her Cornish kitchen.  She focuses on local ingredients in Cornwall, but she has a sweet tooth, so you’ll find chocolate in many of her recipes both savoury and sweet. Choclette won the title of Best Food Blogger in the Food Awards 2016


Emma Walton from Supper in the Suburbs
"The Optimum Pressure Cooker PRO is actually a multi cooker. Yes it pressure cooks meaning dinner can be on the table a lot faster, but it is also a slow cooker, a deep fat fryer and more! In fact I’ve already chucked out my old slow cooker as the Optimum Pressure Cooker PRO is ten times better!
I was also impressed with how many “accessories” it came with. There’s a frying basket, a measuring cup, a ladle and spoon (so you don’t ruin the non-stick coating) and even a special “lid” that stops it overflowing!. To read more ......Click here."

Emma Walton writes a food and lifestyle blog based in North London. Emma’s recipes have been featured on BabyCentre UK, Mode, dotcomgiftshop and Wayfair.


Jac Meldrum
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Poppy Velosa-Ayres
"This machine has become my best friend in the kitchen, allowing me to throw in some wholesome ingredients and open it 30 minutes later to find a delicious, perfectly cooked meal. I always bulk cook too, so I have leftovers for lunches. People are busy and trying to cram so much into the day and this appliance truly alleviates that dinner pressure.
Think of it as a slow cooker that’s fast. Read the full review.... Click Here."

Poppy Velosa-Ayres shares her passion for food and particularly vegan recipes on her food blog Bunny Kitchen.  All her recipes are easy to follow with beautiful photos.


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