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Choclette Ammar from 'Tin and Thyme'
"Don’t be fooled by the name HealthyFry, there is far more to this piece of kit than a means of frying food in a healthier way. It also acts as a mini oven. You can use it to defrost, grill, roast and bake. It even comes with a cake tin….. As well as cooking foods quickly, the air fryer is easy to use and even I figured out how to use the touch screen digital display quickly. There are some pre-set programmes for such things as chips, but time and temperature can easily be adjusted or even set from scratch. I’m rather in love with my new Optimum HealthyFry air fryer. It’s not only easy to use, it’s easy to clean too. Read the full review...... Click Here."

Award-winning blogger Choclette Ammar shares recipes from her Cornish kitchen.  She focuses on local ingredients in Cornwall, but she has a sweet tooth, so you’ll find chocolate in many of her recipes both savoury and sweet. Choclette won the title of Best Food Blogger in the Food Awards 2016


Ciara Atwell from 'My Fussy Eater'
"Air fryers have been quite popular over the past couple of years and I can see why. The prospect of being able to make so many different types of food with little or no oil is very tempting…   I found the Optimum HealthyFry really easy to use. It has a digital touch screen to operate which is simple but with several different functions. They are pre-set temperatures and cooking times for popular foods such as chips, potato wedges and fish but you can also manually set these too…. I was really pleased that the Optimum HealthyFry was not overly hot to touch. The sides of the machine in particular get quite warm when the machine is running but not hot enough to burn little hands if they happened to reach up and touch it.. To read more ......Click here."

Ciara Atwell is mum to an iron-willed three year old girl (the fussy eater!) and a lively baby boy (thankfully too young to be a fussy eater). She’s an Irish girl now living the village life in rural Kent. Ciara attempts to tackle fussy eating one meal at a time and share her recipes and ideas on her blog. My Fussy Eater is currently ranked #15 in the UK.


Jac Meldrum
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Janice Pattie from 'My Fussy Eater'
"I found the Optimum HealthyFry really easy to use, you preheat the air fryer by holding the power button for 3 seconds, then press the Start/pause button, once the 3 minutes preheating is up, pull out the drawer and place the food in the basket. Close the drawer then you can either use the preset programs or set the temperature and time just as you would with the oven. Read the full review..... Click Here."

Janice Pattie shares home cooked family meals that look and taste great on her blog. They are all simple to prepare and fit in with a busy lifestyle. Combining work, family and farming has honed her menu planning and budgeting skills.  Farmersgirl Kitchen is currently ranked #41 in the UK.


Cathy White from Planet Veggie
"As well as being easy to use, the HealthyFry is also easy to clean – the basket, drawer and baking pan are all non-stick and although the crispy tofu stuck to the basket because of the marinade, cleaning it was a breeze after leaving the basket to soak for a while. It’s also easy to use – you can choose from the presets or set your own cooking time and temperature, then watch it count down on the screen. So, am I pleased with my new toy? Hell yeah! To read more ......Click here."

Cathy White Is a vegetarian food blogger who writes at Planet Veggie, a food blog that concentrates on healthy vegetarian and vegan recipes. Her family friendly recipes are easy to follow. Her recipes have been featured in Cook Vegetarian magazine, Food Gawker and Finding Vegan.


Jac Meldrum
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Lisa Powell from 'My Lovely Appetite'

"So far I have been really impressed, and I prefer it to my old model. To simplify things I have bullet pointed the things I love best about it below, excluding the obvious… that it’s an airy fryer so uses less oil than conventional fryers!
  • 1. It’s small and compact, without compromising on capacity
  • 2. It’s lightweight and easy to carry
  • 4. It has a removable tray
  • 5. It allows flexible cooking
  • 6. It has an auto off
  • 7. It’s shape makes it versatile
  • 8. It comes with a comprehensive guarantee & warranty
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